Markets Overview

At PNY, we're dedicated to keeping your business competitive by providing innovative, best in class graphics, memory, and storage solutions to prepare you for every opportunity and keep you on time, on budget and in the forefront of your market.

Our robust product portfolio includes PNY Solid-State Drives, Memory Modules, NVIDIA® Graphics Cards, Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, as well as a complete line up of Mobile Accessories.

This broad product assortment provides PNY the capability to deliver Commercial solutions that support the unique workload requirements of a diverse range of industries and applications.


    From monitoring, to data-logging, medical imaging, visual simulation and research, PNY delivers seamless product integration solutions to help you achieve your objective of improved patient care.


    PNY offers a wide array of product solutions to increase overall efficiency within the Manufacturing industry.


    PNY networking solutions efficiently manage heavy data and application workloads within IT infrastructures.

    Oil & Gas

    Designed to maximize the performance of compute-intensive advanced visualization applications, NVIDIA® Quadro® specialty products are ideal solutions for Oil & Gas exploration.


    Nowadays, technology is an integral part of the student’s and university’s administrative life. From technology being used for displays in the classroom, computers in a lab, or high-end servers to power the complex college infrastructure. PNY’s storage and graphics solutions are an ideal fit for any 21st century campus.

    Media & Entertainment

    Whether you’re creating digital characters, designing groundbreaking effects, reviewing client content, or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics solutions let you do it better and faster.

    Digital Signage

    PNY has solutions for digital signage to deliver your message and capture audiences in education, finance, healthcare, restaurants, retail and transportation sectors.


    PNY has a broad portfolio of products for the automotive market including flash memory for in-car navigation and entertainment systems.

    Government Agencies

    PNY offers reliable, performance based solutions for time-sensitive and critical applications within government agency environments.

    Financial & Banking

    PNY product solutions offer enhanced performance for complex business computing applications within the Financial & Banking sector.